Types Of Cuts

Rotary cut –veneer produced by centering the log in a lathe and turning it against a broad cutting knife. This is the only cut that gives you a whole piece face veneer.

Plain Slicing -veneer sliced parallel to the center of the log to achieve flat cut veneer. This type of cut gives you a cathedral type pattern.

Quarter Slicing- achieves a straight grain appearance by slicing perpendicular to the annual growth rings.


Rift Cut- veneer is produced from the various species of oak. Oak has medullary ray cells. This straight grain cut is at a slight angle to the medullary rays in oak to minimize ray flake.

Half-Round Slicing- is cutting on an arc roughly parallel to the center of the log to achieve flat-cut veneer. The cathedrals can have more rounded tops since the grain is formed by the inner most growth ring as the veneer is cut.

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